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Fat cavitation is a procedure which involves applying pressure on the body using low-frequency ultrasound waves to break down fat, with minimal side effects.

Known as the immediate inch-loss treatment, fat cavitation has the ability to reduce fat by up to 2 inches at each session.

Ideal for clients with fat deeper than 3cm. Fat cavitation can be performed over most body areas, making it a popular option for areas not suitable for fat freezing, LIPOcel or other targeted fat reduction treatments.

fat cavitation sunshine coast

Known as the immediate inch loss, it is common to experience some loss very quickly after your treatment.

Little to none

Fat cavitation results can last between 2 weeks to 2 months. More regular treatments can have the longer lasting results.

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At Contour Atelier, client results and satisfaction is what drives our team. For new clients, we always provide a consultation prior to forgoing any treatment, this is for safety reasons and to ensure that our clients are provided with the correct information and options for realistic and best results.

For anyone who is unsure about which services are for them, we recommend to book a complimentary consultation with our team first.

Our wonderful team is warm, friendly and empathetic. Passionate to help everybody achieve greater body and skin confidence.



During a fat cavitation treatment, a hand-held device is massaged over the selected area, emitting soundwaves. Those soundwaves cause the fat cells to vibrate, and due to their weak structure, those fat cells then collapse.
As a result of this, the fat cell content is turned into a liquid. The body recognises the liquid fat as a waste, and naturally disposes of it via the lymphatic system.

It is important to note, treatments should be performed by a trained therapist. Our team at Contour Atelier are trained in the correct procedure technique for optimal results.


Anywhere which has 3cm depth of fat or more. Arms, back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and thighs are all common areas we treat.


Fat cavitation has minimal side effects. Some clients may have redness on the treated area directly following the treatment, which slowly subside.

To assist with your results, we recommend drinking at least 2.5 litres of water, and avoid alcohol for 3 days post treatment. This is because your liver will prioritise the breakdown of alcohol over the removal of the fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, unlike surgery, there is minimal or no downtime to cavitation. There is also no penetration of the skin, which means there is no risk of infection. Your treatment specialist will discuss the treatment with you and ensure you are a suitable candidate for fat cavitation.

No. Most describe it as a warm massage. Due to the ultrasonic waves which pass through the body, clients do hear a slight buzzing in their ear, this is normal and is not harmful.

Generally, fat cavitation is a gentle treatment. You may experience some redness over the treated area, which subsides quickly post treatment.

Known as the immediate inch loss, it is common to experience some loss very quickly after your treatment. We recommend multiple treatments to encourage more fat loss at each session.

We recommend avoiding alcohol for a few days after treatment, as well as drinking plenty of water. There are other treatments which can assist in more optimal results in various ways, by combining EMS Sculpt and/or LIPOcel. Please speak with your treatment specialist who will be able to explain the science behind why those would be added benefits.



Fat cavitation empties the content of the cell, however the fat cell still remains. By treating with LIPOcel 3 days after fat cavitation, LIPOcel will melt those cells, removing them permanently from your body. Because fat cavitation has emptied a number of cells, flattening them, LIPOcel will then be able to target many more than not using cavitation..

EMS Sculpt

Get a head start with your body’s metabolism, ensuring more efficiency for faster results. Also gaining muscle and burning fat from the inside out. EMS Sculpt also has many more benefits.


  • Arms 180.00
  • Upper Stomach 180.00
  • Lower Stomach 180.00
  • Upper Back 180.00
  • Buttocks 180.00
  • Front Thighs 180.00
  • Rear Thighs 180.00
  • Outer Thighs 180.00