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LIPOcel Body Sculpting is a HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment. Effective for permanent removal of stubborn fat and tightening the skin.

Scientifically proven, LIPOcel has quickly become the most popular treatment at Contour Atelier, based on its success in reducing fat pockets in record time.


A reduction in fat cells and tighter/toned skin

10-60 minutes

Little to none

Permanent fat reduction

Book a complimentary consultation

At Contour Atelier, client results and satisfaction is what drives our team. For new clients, we always provide a consultation prior to forgoing any treatment, this is for safety reasons and to ensure that our clients are provided with the correct information and options for realistic and best results.

For anyone who is unsure about which services are for them, we recommend to book a complimentary consultation with our team first.

Our wonderful team is warm, friendly and empathetic. Passionate to help everybody achieve greater body and skin confidence.



LIPOcel body sculpting is a cutting-edge non-invasive technology, designed to help you achieve your desired body shape without the need for surgery. Using the power of high intensity focused ultrasound energy, LIPOcel precisely targets stubborn fat cells whilst leaving surrounding tissues unharmed.


LIPOcel is a highly customisable fat reduction option.

Treatment very small areas, larger areas or odd shaped ares.

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Bra Rolls
  • Male Chest
  • Love Handles
  • Inner, outer, rear Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Armpits


Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

LIPOcel not only reduces fat, but also tightens the skin thanks to its HIFU technology.

20-40% Fat Reduction

Clinical studies have indicated typical fat reducion of 20-40% in the treatment area.

Immediate Results

LIPOcel is fast acting. Some results can often be seen immediately, with 80% of the results at 20 days.

Precise & Targeted Treatment Area

Unlike fat freezing, LIPOcel is not restricted to an applicator. Due to it's handheld delivery, LIPOcel can treat larger areas, smaller areas and odd shaped areas in a single treatment.

Non-Invasive | No Downtime

LIPOcel requires no incisions, fat is melted away through the use of HIFU technology. This means you can go back to normal activities immediately after.

Contact Cooling

With its patented contact cooling system, LIPOcel is able to provide a higher energy treatment alongside more heat, without the risk of burning. No other HIFU can provide.


Avoid exercise, sun exposure, heat and sweating for 24 hours.

Including no saunas, hot showers and baths.

Alcohol should be avoided to optimise results, allowing bodies to process fat content efficiently.

All clients receive a pre and post care advice. For more information, please speak to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

LIPOcel Body Sculpting uses HIFU (heat) to melt away fat cells. This means it incorporates tightening of the skin. Fat freezing uses extreme cold and suction, which can be uncomfortable and presents higher risks. LIPOcel results are a lot faster, with 80% of results in 20 days. Immediate results can often be achieved with LIPOcel. LIPOcel is more customiseable and not limited to an applicator, resulting in precise treatment and smoother contours.

With the Contact Cooling system in place, LIPOcel can heat to a much higher energy than other HIFU technologies. This significantly reduces discomfort. However, some may experience it more than others.

Fat cells are destroyed with LIPOcel. Our bodies do not grow new fat cells, and therefore results are permanent. Our bodies are left with fewer fat cells and a more sculpted appearance.

We often see some immediate results with LIPOcel. 80% of results are achieved by 20 days.
Results do depend on a number of factors. We recommend to undergo a course of EMS treatments should anyone wish to speed up their results. Please speak to a specialist to find out how that can benefit.

The number of recommended treatments depends on a number of factors. Typically 2-4 treatments to achieve desired results is required, which is based off age, lifestyle and medical history. Your specialist will be able to provide you with a more accurate indication at a bespoke full body analysis.

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Fat cavitation is very effective in softening fat cells for pre liposuction.

It also benefits LIPOcel by reducing the fat cell size, allowing LIPOcel to target and destroy more fat cells.

EMS Sculpt

EMS has many benefits. Not only does it provide a physiological benefit to our bodies, by starting your treatment journey with EMS, it works as the engine, preparing your body to work at its most optimal to deliver results, faster and better.



  • Armpits 599.00
  • Arms 750.00
  • Abdomen Lower, Abdomen Upper 799.00
  • Love Handles 799.00
  • Bra Roll Upper, Lower 799.00
  • Male Chest 799.00
  • Arms + Armpits 999.00
  • Full Stomach 1099.00
  • Lower Abdomen + Love Handles 1099.00
  • Upper + Lower Bra Rolls 1099.00
  • Thigh Inner, Outer, Rear 799.00
  • Buttocks 999.00
  • Knees 599.00
  • Thighs - 2 Areas 1099.00
  • Thighs - 3 Areas 1399.00
  • Buttocks + 1 Thigh Area 1199.00
  • Buttocks + 2 Thigh Areas 1599.00
  • Buttocks + 3 Thigh Areas 1899.00
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